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Culver City and surrounding communities including

  • Baldwin Hills
  • Fox Hills west of La Cienega
  • Ladera Heights west of La Cienega
  • Marina del Rey
  • Playa del Rey
  • Westchester

We want you to communicate easily with your dog or puppy. You can learn best how to do that through private lessons since we customize a program dealing with your choice of topics and issues – with a bit of input from us regarding things we know (but you may not yet appreciate) are important. We help you train your puppy or your dog.

Because of COVID, all in-person training is on hiatus until after the quarantine. We currently offer private virtual training lessons.

The first virtual lesson is $195. Succeeding 1-hour lessons if needed are $175/lesson, or you may purchase a package of four 1-hour lessons for $600, a savings of $100. You receive written instructions, a free copy of my book if applicable, and telephone or email support.

Click to discover why  virtual puppy dog training is an excellent choice for you.

Our private puppy dog training lessons will resume after the quarantine.

Since our dogs have gotten used to our being home during the quarantine, they may suffer separation anxiety when we return to our regular routine. We’ve written a series of articles things you can do now to prevent puppy dog separation anxiety after quarantine. It’s much easier to prevent it than to cure it.

ZIP Codes served

  • 90045
  • 90054
  • 90056 west of La Cienega
  • 90066 south of Washington
  • 90094
  • 90230
  • 90232
  • 90292

Contact us to see how we can help you.
Just reach for your phone and call or text (310) 804-2392.
Email us at 

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Culver City Puppy Dog Training
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