Hi Caryl,

I want to thank you for your help in housebreaking our 5 month old cocker poodle puppy! We called you in frustration when, two months after her adoption, Rosie continued to have 3-5 accidents a day and was waking me up three times a night to go outdoors to relieve herself – and then, not always doing so. My husband had broken his ankle slipping in a puddle left by the puppy on our tile floor, and I was exhausted and sleep deprived.

After a 90 minute private consultation, we followed your advice. Within 48 hours, Rosie was accident-free and has been relieving herself outdoors reliably for the past three weeks. We switched from our store-bought dry dog food to Flint River Ranch and noticed an immediate decrease in frequency of BMs and urination, and increased self-control.

Now, I am sleeping through the night and have a clean house, a happy dog, and a husband who will soon be out of his cast! Thank you from all of us,

Debbie and Mike Thornhill