Dear Caryl,

Eve and I would like to thank you for the behavioral progress our dog, Paisano, has made since we began taking him to your classes in July. Prior to your course, Paisano had developed some very serious behavioral problems which included not only “uncontrollable” barking, but also aggression.

He bit my wife several times daily when she would try to remove him from our bed, and he bit me many times as well when I would intercede to try and mitigate his violent tendencies.

Our incessant yelling at him over the years amounted to nothing more than frustration, wasted energy, and added chaos. Eventually, this behavioral interaction dynamic between us and the dog could no longer be ignored. When we received and read your training literature, we began to recognize the ineffectiveness of our methods to “control” Paisano.

After only one class, we were stunned and amazed at the shift in Paisano’s behavior! We were on our way to having the kind of relationship we wanted to have with our dog. It was as if Paisano had
sensed that something had changed, and began to respond immediately. We had stopped trying to communicate with him in a “human” way and began communicating with him in a way that he could understand. Progress was made. We put the training concepts we’ve learned from your program into practice everyday.

Our home is peaceful and sane once again. We don’t have to raise our voices. Your discipline process is a positive one and requires relatively minimal effort (much less than we expended on screaming
our reprimands at him!) Moreover, your kind, friendly, structured and organized approach has made working with you a pleasure. Once again, many thanks to you for helping us to restore our
relationship Paisano. It is happy, affectionate and enjoyable again.

Kindest regards and lots of Doggie Licks,

Ken, Eve, and Paisano Ross

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