When I adopted Penny from an animal rescue, she was almost perfect. Like many shelter dogs, she had severe separation anxiety and would bark loudly and chew things up all day when left alone. I
thought crating her might make her feel more secure, but after a few days of crating, I came home and found her with a bloody gash on the side of her face. She had tried to chew her way out and cut herself on the metal bars. I never crated her again.

As a lawyer, though, I had no choice but to leave her alone during the day, so I left her out of the crate and crossed my fingers. No luck. Everyday, I would come home to find stuff all over the floor and the door scratched up. My neighbors forced me to get her a bark collar for the barking, and getting a dogwalker didn’t seem to help. As soon as the dogwalker left, the barking and destruction would start all over again.

When I heard about Caryl, I was skeptical as to how effective a personal dog training session would be. I felt like I had tried everything–crating, bark collars, positive reinforcement, teaching her a few commands, practicing coming and going, all the stuff you read online. But when Caryl came and personally met my dog, it made a big difference. She didn’t give me generic advice that you find on the internet–she gave me specific advice about my dog, the reasons why she was behaving that way, and how I could fix my own behavior to prevent it from continuing. After sticking with Caryl’s
instructions and a little patience, I can honestly say that now Penny is completely perfect. I leave her at home with a Kong and come home to find her grinning at me from ear to ear, no destruction, no
noise complaints. I’m thrilled to know my dog is happy even when I’m not around. If you have to leave your dog alone for work like I do, I would definitely invest in Caryl–that one session will go a long way to a lifetime of happiness with your dog.

Naeun Rim