I would like to make a recommendation for Caryl Wolff as an excellent Los Angeles dog trainer. Her service was convenient as she came to (both) of my house(s). I had just moved to LA and my dog had had obedience but felt she deserved more training (for both of us to communicate better). She’s a Newfoundland and already matching me in weight, so I wanted a well behaved dog that I could manage and to do it in a way that made sense for both of us.

I was completely satisfied. In fact Caryl told me my dog seemed well adjusted so it didn’t need behavior training. I explained what I wanted and then she understood I wanted training. (I had never
had a puppy before and although my dog was well behaved it was still growing and I didn;t know what to expect next.) Caryl is firm with the clients and sympathetic with the dogs. She is exceedingly
professional. If someone really is committed to training their dog using her services as a trainer is one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways of getting the job done. If you don’t want to put in
the effort yourself as the owner, then Caryl is not the best option (but why get a dog then?) She really helps you learn how your dog learns, and watches both of your styles to have the classes
tailored to your relationship.

It was beneficial to learn at home as we made more progress than we had in previous group training at the humane society. Banshee (my dog) is leash free (which Caryl tells me to NEVER do, but it’s
great to have a dog that comes when called and stays when asked to, even with distractions such as at Runyon) from working with Caryl. The best bit was learning how Banshee learns best as I can still
apply it to new things now long after the training session is over. I am very grateful for her service in training Banshee, my 1-year-old Newfoundland an myself (no need for the age…)


Molly Reilly