Hi Caryl –

Just wanted to write a note telling you about our labradoodle, Sadie Hawkins, that you helped me learn how to train.First, I need to explain that I had never considered hiring a private trainer for a dog – but we were facing a problem that needed solving – and had an unusual lifestyle between our farm and LA. We simply were not in one place long enough to enroll in dog training classes – which
would, from a financial viewpoint, been my first choice.

But I did know that something had to be done – we had a dog, growing rapidly, that was out of control – jumping on everybody. And also a dog that would get excited and wet whenever anybody came
in the door. We needed help.

From the first week you made incredible progress. Not only did we see it, but visitors and workers also saw it. One roofer, who was fixing leaks (again!) said “That’s a totally different dog than she
was a few weeks ago” – (a few weeks ago she had nearly leveled him with a well-placed jump). This time there was no physical contact.

Today, Sadie is a happy dog. And a much easier and enjoyable pet than she was before training. I’d like to thank you so much for all that you did, and for your continued support when an unexpected
problem arises. I’m convinced that, for us, going the private trainer route was by far our best option. Please feel free to give my name as a reference, and I will be happy to answer any questions.

Thanks again,

Anne Lohmann and Sadie Hawkins