Dear Caryl,

I wanted to take a minute to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible transformation I have seen in Yuki’s behavior. Just after attending your first lesson, the biting, nipping, and jumping on me that was so commonplace with my young 6-month old male Samoyed ceased. Before attending your first lesson, I felt like I had a wild canine from the back country on the end of my leash. Seriously, I was ready to give the little beast back to the breeder.

By the 4th lesson and following the home training steps you recommended between lessons, the new relationship that I had with Yuki became so noticeable that I was getting compliments from strangers as to how well Yuki was behaved…. Friends and relatives could not believe the change in Yuki, and some even thought I had purchased a new dog.

Currently, Yuki has stopped the uncontrolled jumping, nipping ,and barking. In addition, Yuki heels, sits, lays down on command, and is not distracted by external influences the way he had been before
attending your class.

And just a note about your classes. Even in the small groups Yuki and I were a part of during the joint learning sessions with your other clients, I felt the time spent with Yuki and I was equally portioned and very personalized. Your depth of knowledge, experience and patience, as well as professionalism in transforming the tortured, chaotic and frustrating relationship I once had with Yuki to one that is balanced, calming, and loving is one that I frankly thought would never occur.


Dorothy Kusaba