My Samoyed, Panda, came into my home around four months old and was the perfect fluffy little angel as long as I was around. But when I left to go to work or go out with friends, she would bark,
whine and howl away. This was despite that I made sure she was never alone for more than three or four hours.

After several notes from my understanding but less and less patient neighbors, I decided to have Caryl come over for a private lesson. She gave me an array of different options to try, and we
talked about everything from food to toys to exercise. After only a few days, Panda stopped with her protests and started looking forward to me being gone because it meant that she got to play with fun toys and get a chance to sleep before her next activity.

Now almost a month later, I’m happy to report that I’ve only received notes from my neighbors that Panda is quiet and well behaved while I am gone. It’s given me the freedom to go out and live my life without worrying that the newest member of my family is sitting at home, either bored, scared or frustrated. And since things have worked out so well, Panda and I have signed ourselves up for
Caryl’s weekend classes.

Thanks Caryl! — John and Panda, the Samoyed.