Mary and I had such a wonderful time working with our 1 1/2 year old boxer in your Dog Obedience Class. We have a mountain home with over six acres at her disposal, filled with incredible puppy
smells and adventures. With no fences and a national forest behind us, our concern for her safety forced us to find expert advice after we watched her disappear into the forest , not responding to our calls to come. We decided to call you.

Your ability to share multiple techniques and strategies in working with her gave us many options to use at our disposal. You helped us gain confidence in working with her and we so appreciated your
ability to give us specific feedback to ensure we were providing her clear and concise messages and feedback. Your techniques and exercises were engaging and we learned Xena can be very focused on us for extended periods of time . Our training, using your techniques has greatly improved our ability to build trust in her to come when asked. So, thank you for your patience in working with us humans to learn how to better communicate with our doggie companions.