I recently adopted a Great Dane from a rescue and from the moment I got her home knew I was in trouble. Chloe was suffering from massive separation anxiety that led to excessive barking when I
left the house. I got several complaints from a neighbor that if the barking didn’t stop, animal control would get involved.

I called Caryl Wolff and got Chloe enrolled in training classes. Chloe did great in training. I was surprised by how quickly she took to the exercises. I’m constantly complimented on how well she behaves in public and always have people asking how I trained her. I simply tell them it was Caryl Wolff and give them your number and say, “Call her. It’s the best call you’ll ever make.”

After a few classes and the practice we did at home and great advice from Caryl, the barking declined to just the normal bark when people were going in or around our house. That wasn’t enough for the neighbor. She didn’t want to hear her bark at all. She called animal control. I was issued citations and then a supena to appear. I immediately called Caryl. She knew exactly what to do. She dug up names of attorneys, articles, and just had amazing amounts of information and was overwilling to help with the situation. I guess all this has paid off because she canceled the animal control hearing, and they haven’t heard from her since.

All I have to say is thank God for Caryl Wolff.

Thanks again,

J. Horton, J. Horton Photography