I came to Caryl with a list of specific issues I was having with my 7 month old standard poodle, Penny. Top of the list was that Penny be comfortable with me in a café setting where I could have coffee or a bite to eat. I had given Penny some early training lessons and she knew the basics of stay, sit, come. I asked Caryl if we could take all of our lessons outdoors as walking and sitting in public areas was my goal. Caryl asked that I wait and that we work in the house first with some very basic training techniques that would lead to better results in the end.

At first I was resistant but I was proven wrong as I learned that Caryl’s method was a process that included making a strong connection with my puppy and being able to get her attention in distracting situations.

After five private lessons, while Penny is not perfect, I have more confidence and the tools I need to manage her more effectively.

Caryl also supplies you with lots of reading material as follow up to her lessons which is invaluable as there is so much learning going on during the lessons.

Maureen Horn