Dear Caryl,

Just a quick note to thank you for your great work with my baby boxer Billie Holiday. I realize we’ve only had two lessons, but I just can’t wait to finish puppy training and move on to the next course! We’ve both become devotees.

Not knowing anything about raising a puppy it was difficult to make the choice about where to start, but now I know we’ve made the right one! It’s incredible. She’s just a baby (12 weeks tomorrow!) and

already she’s impressed ALL our neighbors and friends. No one can believe what an impact you’ve made on both her and me!

She hasn’t had one ‘accident’ since our private lesson (and neither have I); we even got the carpets cleaned two weeks earlier than planned!!! Sit is her new favorite word and she can’t wait to learn
her next command. The few minutes of behavior modification you taught us have made a world of difference.

Thank you thank you thank you!


Liz Harper