I think every dog owner should do a class with Caryl and her Doggie Manners company. There are so many ways that dogs can learn and be better companions through clarity of communication between
owner/ guardian and dog.

Working with my dogs, with Doggie Manners, has greatly improved our already good relationships. The dogs are now much better citizens of the world and neighbors and I am a happier owner knowing that in most any situation, the dogs and I will know what to do and actually be able to do it. Whether leash-pulling, nibbling, barking or worse, these behaviors are not great for your dogs mental health or your own. Knowing how to calm your dog and teach him to behave according to the mores of ones’ life makes having a dog a true joy.

Caryl’s instinctive understanding of what is not being communicated correctly will delight and amaze you, especially since the results of her behavior modification is usually instanteous. I cannot
believe how much happier and calmer and more tired (yay!) my dogs are after Caryl’s visit and implementation of just a few tricks – so worth the time and such little effort, but what rewards!

Thank you Caryl, for developing Doggie Manners.

Chris Elia