My dog and I just completed six hours of private lessons with Caryl and we are both very happy with our training experience. As part of the package, we also get to attend a set of group classes which will only reinforce what we learned during our private sessions.

I have never felt hurried by Caryl or that she was watching the clock, but I was mindful of her time so maybe that is why I always felt she had all the time in the world for me. Some of the reviews are correct, Caryl trains the human more than hands-on work with the pet, but think about it – isn’t this how it should be? After all, we have higher brain capacities than our dogs so it is easier for us to understand them and learn how they think. If you ‘get’ your dog, then getting him/her to sit, down, stay, go potty where you want him to should only take minutes at a time. Caryl demonstrates how to do the training and also provides written instructions. It’s easy, just don’t be lazy – do what she says to do.

Regarding Caryl’s stories, she not only studies dogs, but she studies humans too. We remember stories much better than a list of dos and don’ts; even though other reviewers complained about her stories, I bet they remember them. BTW, not all stories are positive; most are warnings about what not to do and the consequences that have happened to other people (and even herself).

Overall, I experienced much success with Caryl’s methods. My puppy and I did the exercises and homework and look forward to living a very happy life together.

Debbie and Max