Dear Dr. Plechner,

Jasper & I just finished puppy school with Caryl Wolff of “Doggie Manners” this week. We found her business card at your office & decided to give her a call as Jasper was having issues…

Jasper was fond of his daily walks, so fond in fact that it seemed he might pull my arm out of its socket; Jasper couldn’t sit-stay for longer than 30 seconds & finally, since we were attacked some
months ago by a dog on the loose, Jasper has been super aggressive towards every dog he sees.

Under Caryl’s supervision, Jasper is on his way to becoming the well behaved dog I knew was in him somewhere. He is an excellent student & with the help of Caryl’s expert training, Jasper has learned
to behave on his leash by not pulling ahead & becoming aware of the person walking him, not to mention he can sit-stay for the duration of an entire meal!!!

Caryl is a wonderful teacher & has an excellent rapport with dogs as well as with their owners. We found her to be very helpful in solving & explaining some of Jasper’s behaviors. She worked with us
on a personal level & often extended class to share her knowledge with us. We really liked her training methods & we would highly recommend her to anyone interested in looking for a trainer for
their pet. Thank you for your time & we’ll see you soon!!

Shellaine Corwel & Jasper Jones