I wanted to thank you for helping me make so much progress in such a short time with Maxwell.

Maxwell is a high energy rescue dog, a Pomeranian. He went from being extremely scared of everything, so scared that he’d jump into my arms when walking by other dogs. Then he became “protective”, he’d bark at everything…almost charging at whomever or whatever we walked by trying to indicate that no one or nothing should get near me. He also had a severe case of separation anxiety.

Needless to say I needed some help with Maxwell.

I found Doggie Manners on the Internet, and Caryl made headway with Maxwell on the first visit (at which he was constantly barking). Maxwell stills gets excited when I have guests over, but now he
settles down within the first few minutes and he’ll go to his “place” and play with a toy. And when we go for walks, everyone says how well behaved he’s become. I even let him run and play at the
beach with other dogs, and he comes to me when called. He’ll lie down with the flick of the wrist, sit with either a visual or audio command, and we’re working on stay at the curb. He’s also so much
better when we go on errands or car trips. He used to be almost frantic in the car, now he sits in his safety car seat and watches the world go by or just sleeps.

Thank you, Caryl, for not only helping me train Maxwell, but for also training me. I think the most difficult part for me was not treating him like a baby. I now feel more educated on canine behavior…sometimes I feel like the Dog Whisperer because packs of dogs will come up to me at the beach…waiting for direction (and probably a treat). : )

Christina & Maxwell (my precious pup)