My dog Kikyo is a loving companion, and playmate to her sister dog Sunny. But she has been a handful, particularly using her body like a battering ram and knocking me down several times, the
last really hurting my knees. Although Kikyo had participated in dog training about a year ago, I didn’t feel that her alpha dog personality was being addressed.

I learned one very important thing during Kikyo’s training with Caryl — I was the one whose

perceptions would change. The way I approached the dogs – voice, body language, commands – would

impact their behavior.

Kikyo’s strong will started changing after our first lesson with Caryl. Now Kikyo doesn’t jump on

me, run into me, or pull when we’re on a walk. She is still a fun dog with lots of personality. She

just respects my space and understands that I am the alpha dog in this pack.

Thank you Caryl!

Camille in North Hills