When we met Caryl Wolff, we were the proud owners of an enthusiastic and willful Great Dane puppy by the name of Charlee. Our most pressing concern with Charlee was her endless pulling/dragging during walks. As the pup wasn’t getting any smaller, time was of the essence.

With Caryl’s guidance, we have learned how to communicate effectively in ‘dog-speak’ to our favorite pet. The day Caryl taught us to successfully walk our dog — arm sockets intact — the angels began
to sing. Walks with our very strong, very large dog have become more pleasant than we could have imagined prior to Doggie Manners.

Caryl had an instant bond with Charlee, and the friendship has developed with every visit. She did Charlie a favor — by training us to think in canine common sense — and the changes have made
Charlee a more confident and enjoyable family member. We are grateful for the lessons Caryl has given us, and Charlee is happy to know what is expected of her.

We highly recommend Caryl Wolff. She has shown the utmost wisdom about how to enhance a relationship with your best friend!


Stephanie and Lee Caldwell