Dear Caryl,

We just wanted to tell you how grateful we are for you and your class. We had read the basics of dog training and thought that would be enough. Unfortunately, our charming little pug (who thought he
was king of the world) disagreed and proceeded to do whatever he wanted. This destructiveness led to us having to confine him to a small area whenever we were gone. Needless to say, that didn’t make for a very happy dog while we were gone.

After going through your class, we can now leave him loose in our home and not have to worry about coming home to chewed up books or furniture. We are all a much happier family now.

The class was very educational and the additional website material is invaluable. We have printed everything out and made our own folder, so we can continue to train our dog the rest of his life.

The class showed us not only what we should do, but also taught us why our initial techniques never worked.

We drove from Thousand Oaks every week to participate in the class and it was well worth it. Not just to see how things should be done, but the interaction you provide all of your students cannot

be underestimated. When the slightest hand gesture or body movement can make all the difference, it is extremely important to know that you are doing the training the right way. Your guidance ensured that.

Besides the class itself and the training materials from your website, we want to thank you for just always being available. It’s a great comfort knowing there is expert advice available to us.

Thanks again for everything.


Bill, Bernadette, and Sir Puggleston March 2005