I would like to recommend Caryl Wolff. We found her by serendipitous accident and would like to make it easier for others be be in contact with her. What a transition in our 5 yr old rescue dog, Esme.

I fear we would not have been able to keep Esme if not for the interventions Caryl taught us.

Esme was a rescue dog at age 5. It seems she had been left in a backyard with little socialization or training. She could sit (if she wanted) and that was about it. We had a few aggresion problems
with smaller dogs and people walking/skateboarding by on our walks. We were also starting to see an increase in her barking which we feared would bother our apartment neighbors. Initially, Caryl came over to see our setup and make some recommendations to use at home, and then we attended her weekly classes.

What a change in our dog, even the neighbors we encounter out for a walk have commented on it. Caryl gives great instructions for class, but best of all, she gives you the tools to continue to work
with your dog after the classes. She was so accessible, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

As as aside, how can you not love a dog trainer with the last name of Wolff? We sure love her for what she taught us to accomplish with our dog.

Helen Bengston and Vicki Capt