Testimonial Barilla

About just under 8 years ago, you came to Long Beach and helped me with my new dog, Gustav (Gus). It was a truly a new world thereafter. He was so obedient and well behaved. We became best friends. I have thanked you many times over and regularly recommend you to people. Thank you!!

Regrettably Gus had a sudden, tragic heart condition which occured just before Christmas and my wife and I had to put him to sleep. We are still aching over it and so is our kitty. The only upside was
leaving town the next day for a week and a half to be with family over the holidays which broke our routine. However, we still miss him a hundred times a day as we turn a corner or open a cabinet…or
when we walk in the house and see kitty there looking for him and us.

He was truly a blessing and I thank you in great part for your expert training. Gus will always be a part of us.

Best regards,

Al Barilla