Testimonial Barbara

As we come to the end of our lessons, I really cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Moose and me!

The gut wrenching whimpering and door scratching separation anxiety she went through each time I left the house has morphed into 1 or 2 little yelps, perhaps a slight whimper, but she handles my
absences nicely now. She still waits by the door, of course, but her welcome frenzy is over so quickly I almost feel insulted. The signs of anxiety I used to see throughout the day like stretching and yawning have evaporated. She does still stick to me like Velcro most of the time, but mostly because she’s nosey and not because she’s fearful. I received the ultimate compliment from one of my neighbors the other day when she asked how long I had had a dog because she never hears her making a racket!

The angst I used to have walking her on a leash and dealing with her barking and pulling have almost completely disappeared. It’s not perfect, and everyday is a learning experience (other dogs/owners
don’t have the benefit of your expertise, I fear), but when a situation does arise, I am able analyze and make corrections faster and with so much more confidence. It’s a pleasure to be out and
about meeting and greeting with the best of them. You’ve taught me how be observant, preemptive and to follow through. Because of your inspiration, we have a “quiet dog” ritual we observe as we
approach the elevator at 6 a.m. every morning. There are 2 neighbor dogs right next to the elevator that Moose likes to spar with, but when we’re doing quiet dog, we arrive at the elevator with nary a

We have even started to work on a few tricks. Granted she’s not ready for a movie career, but she can generally sit, lie down and give me her paw on command. We’re still working on stay (she seems
to be as capable of sitting still as her owner).

Our life together is so much more fun because of you. The tools you have given me have been indispensable, and as a 63-year-old first time dog owner your guidance has been invaluable. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, you fabulous sense of humor and most of all for your patience – it ain’t easy to teach an old broad new tricks.

Barbara & Moose

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