Dear Caryl,

We just wanted to write you and let you know how well Chloe is doing, Because of you, Chloe has become the perfect pet! Every chance we get, we tell people how you have helped us to know and
understand our Chloe. Just last night, our friends came over with their Rottweiler, and to say the least, their dog was out of control. They asked us how our dog was so well behaved, and we told them
about our training with you. They were very impressed. (They had spent almost one thousand dollars on their dog’s training.) I told them to call you and hope that they do.

Caryl, as you know, we rescued Chloe (a Standard Poodle) from the pound. And prior to finding you, she was almost on her way back. She was hyper, she dug up our yard in two days and tried to run away
twice. After we were in your class for about two weeks, I was sold! Chloe is the most loving and obedient dog, and we truly feel it is because of you and your class. You told me from the beginning how smart Standard Poodles are and you were right! I can’t imagine anyone giving up such a fantastic dog.

In closing Caryl, we are indebted to you and your Doggie Manners.


Aaron, Agatha and Chloe