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  1. Los Angeles Animal Shelters

    Los Angeles Animal Shelters I'd be much happier in your home! This is a list of selected Los Angeles Animal Shelters and agencies in Los Angeles city and county, SPCAs, and other animal shelters and agencies. PLEASE NOTE THAT DOGGIE MANNERS. . . Read more

  2. Your New Rescue Dog

    Your New Rescue Dog I'm so happy you found me! Congratulations on adopting your new rescue dog! You are giving him the best home he has ever had whether he has come from a shelter, a rescue group, or the dog. . . Read more

  3. New Rescue Dog Supplies

    Supplies You Need for Your New Rescue or Adopted Dog Please get me the right stuff! The basic supplies your dog will need are Baby gates Bed Collar Crate Dog toys - ball, rope, chew, puzzle, squeaky Doggie toothbrush and toothpaste. . . Read more

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