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Phone consultations are $1.00/minute with a 30-minute minimum.
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When you contact us, you will automatically be added to our email newsletter.  If you do not want to be added, then let us know.  We send out newsletters approximately once a month. We value your privacy and do not sell your address.

A telephone consultation is a valuable tool to help you find solutions to your dog’s or puppy’s issues in cases where an in-person private session is not feasible. With both a telephone consultation and private session, I try to determine the reason for your puppy/dog’s behavior and see if there are environmental cues or triggers causing the behavior issue. However, during an in-person session, I can observe your puppy/dog in its home environment and make suggestions and suggest protocols on how to proceed that are specifically geared to you, your puppy/dog, and your environment. Nevertheless, a phone consult is an initial step in helping both you and your puppy/dog. You will receive a written summary of what we discussed, handout(s), and/or other resources.

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 How does this work?

*You contact me by email or phone.  If by phone, let me know that you would like a phone consultation.

*You deposit the fees into my PayPal account.

*I email you one or two questionnaires ($25 each) depending on the issue you’re interested in. (Your answers give me basic background information so we can spend time on the phone talking about solutions.)

*You fill the questionnaire(s) out and email them back to me.

*I read them.

*We make an appointment to speak on the phone.

*I ask you followup questions from the answers you gave. We’ll talk about why what you’ve been doing isn’t working and how we can fix it.

*Then together we formulate a program for you and your dog.

*You will get personalized guidelines for your situation — what a stay-at-home mom will do will be different than someone who works nine to five.

How can I trust that you won’t simply take my money and rip me off?

Well, I belong to several dog trainer organizations and am certified by several of them. You can find out more about my training and experience here. If I were to rip you off, you could easily report me to the organizations, and I would lose my certifications. I worked *very* hard to get those (studying and taking lots of tests), so I’m not about to jeopardize that.

Why should I pay you instead of simply reading your book?

When anyone — including me — writes a training book, we write what works for the majority of our clients. We, unfortunately, can’t write about every situation encountered and give every nuance. During our consultation, I’ll find out what you have been doing that isn’t working and I’ll make suggestions especially geared to you and your dog. You are welcome to contact me via email or after our consultation.  Please understand that many times, your questions may not have a quick answer and we may have to schedule another session.

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