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Rabies Vaccination for Dogs – AB 272

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In the spring of 2013, I sent an email to my clients and colleagues about my opposition to AB 272, which is a bill in California proposing the age that puppies get their first rabies vaccination be changed from four months to three months. (Many responded and wrote their Assembly representative voicing their opposition — so thank you for that!)

One of the people I wrote to was Amy Shojai, who is has written several books and writes the Puppies column on About.com. She asked me to write a 1,000-word article about the bill. But, as many of you (well) know, I can’t do anything in 1,000 words! This turned into a huge article, and Amy (after she did a fantastic job of editing it) has graciously published it — well, really a series of articles — on About.com!

Here’s what Amy has to say and a link to the articles. Thank you, Amy!

I recently invited my colleague Caryl Wolff to write a guest article after she expressed interest and concern about a proposed change to rabies laws in California. From one article, the research evolved into a huge amount of investigation and interviews that eventually resulted in a series of articles covering the subject. Today, I’m turning over the blog to Caryl for her introduction to this very interesting rabies vaccination series. Take it away, Caryl!


I’d love to hear what your comments are. What do you think about the age that puppies should be vaccinated for rabies? Please share your experiences with your dog or ask a question so we can begin a dialogue to help each other.

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