Puppy Socialization Book –
An Insider’s Guide
to Dog Behavioral Fitness

puppy socialization book

***Would you like your dog to be a pleasure to live with?

***Would you like to take your dog anywhere and not be embarrassed by his behavior?

***Have you heard about “puppy socialization” but are not sure exactly what it is or how to do it?

If any of your answers are “yes,” then Puppy Socialization – An Insider’s Guide to Dog Behavioral Fitness will help you because it is filled with hundreds of ingenious yet simple ideas on how to socialize a puppy safely – even if you can’t take him outside!

This is the first book on puppy socialization written by certified puppy and dog behavior consultant Caryl Wolff who has been training for over 20 years and is certified by 5 dog trainer organizations.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
What is Socialization and When Does It Start?
A Very Brief Background  on Puppies and Socialization
Why are socialization and habituation important?

Chapter 2
A Brief Look at  Puppy Developmental Periods


Chapter 3
Timeline for the Breeder

Chapter 4
Environmental Enrichment for Puppies


Chapter 5
Why do I need to socialize  and habituate him now?
One Hour in Our Lives

Chapter 6
“I Don’t Need to Socialize My Puppy”
Chapter 7    81
“But My Vet Says I Shouldn’t Take  My Puppy Outside  Until He’s Had All His Shots”

Chapter 8
The Fundamental Plan  along with Do’s and Don’ts
What are your puppy’s  personality and temperament?
The Do’s
The Don’ts
What doesn’t count?
Exercises to Do Inside Your Home
Exercises to Do Outside Your Home

Chapter 9
Checklist for Owners

Chapter 10
A Word about Puppy Classes

Chapter 11
Now What?


Chapter 12
Socialization for Rescue Agencies  and Shelters


Appendix 1
Early Neurological Stimulation
Early Stimulation Exercises

Appendix 2
How One Breeder Sets Up Her Puppy Area

Appendix 3
What is Puppy License?
What is a puppy License? And What is its Purpose?
But My Older Dogs will not Grant a Puppy License!

Appendix 4
Normal and Abnormal Puppy Behavior and Health
Including Common Owner Complaints

Appendix 5
Hand Shyness

Appendix 6
About Stress and Fear

Appendix 7
Hand Targeting

Appendix 8
Handling Exercises to Prepare your Puppy
for the Groomer and the Vet



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