Puppy Potty Training Book


puppy potty training book

***Are you frustrated your puppy still is having accidents? (Oh, no!)

***Are you about to get a puppy and want to know the right way to potty train him? (Good for you!)

***Is your puppy toileting in his crate? (Uh-oh!)

***Have you done everything and your puppy still is not potty trained? (Gasp!)

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Puppy Potty Training – The Expert’s Guide to Easy Housetraining FAST give you answers to those questions and so much more!


Happiness is a Trained Puppy
What Is Potty Training?
Potty Training In Two Sentences
Who Is The Expert?
The Expert’s Guide To Easy Housetraining FAST

Chapter 1 – The Prep

Chapter 2 – The Place
Peter Piper Picked a Perfect Pee Spot
There Are Several Choices Regarding The Place
Indoors – Pros & Cons
Outdoors – Pros & Cons
Combination of Indoors & Outdoors – Pros & Cons
Indoors First, Then Outdoors – Pros & Cons

Chapter 3 –The Products
A Bigger Bang for Your Buck
Outdoor Products
Indoor Products
Puppy Pee Pads – Pros & Cons
Newspapers Aka Paper Training – Pros & Cons
Puppy Potties – Pros & Cons
Confinement Products And Options –  Pros & Cons
Crates – Pros & Cons
Pens –  Pros & Cons
Puppy Apartment and Playpen –  Pros & Cons
Gates –  Pros & Cons
Tether –  Pros & Cons
Umbilical cord –  Pros & Cons
Miscellaneous Products

Chapter 4 – The Preliminaries
First Things First
Training Your Puppy Indoors – Options
Crate Training
Pen Training
Training Without A Crate Or Xpen
Training Your Puppy Outdoors

Chapter 5 – The Program
The (Step by Step) Process of Elimination
A Quick Summary Of How To House Train Your Dog
When Does He Have To Go?
Having A Potty Area Both Inside And Outside
Transitioning To Outside

Chapter 6 – My Preferred Program
Tinkle Tinkle Little Star
Sample Housestraining Schedule

Chapter 7 – The Picking Up And Cleaning Up
I Stink, Therefore I am
First, The Don’ts
Here’s The Do’s

Chapter 8 – The Provisions – Feeding
You Are What You Eat

Chapter 9 – The Pointers
I’m Beginning to See the Light
How Long Does It Take?
Stages Of Housebrokenness

Chapter 10 – The Problems
Mistakes are Learning Opportunities
Dealing With Accidents
The Ones You See Happening
The Ones You Don’t See Happening
Other Problems

Chapter 11 – The Payoff
Happy Days Are Here Again!

Chapter 12 – Resources
The Not-So-Bitter End!

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Puppy Potty Training Book
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