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  1. veterinarian and dog

    Help Your Vet Help Your Dog

    Help Your Vet Help Your Dog My dog loves my vet! Dogs can be afraid of going to a veterinarian or they can love it -- it all depends on how they are trained before they go to the vet's office. . . Read more

  2. dog holding toothbrush

    Dog Dental Tips

    Dog Dental Tips   Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. Oral disease is the most common dog clinical disease, and 85% of dogs over four years of age have dental problems. Cleaning your dog’s teeth is extremely important. . . Read more

  3. Los Angeles Holistic Veterinarians

    Los Angeles Holistic Veterinarians Dogs love holistic vets! Here's a list of some of the Los Angeles holistic veteranians that treat small animals . Go to their Websites to learn more about what they offer, i.e, acupuncture, chiropractic, Chinese medicine, herbs. . . Read more

  4. What to do about Dog Burns

    What to do about Dog Burns Ouch! A family member of a fellow trainer accidentally spilled boiling water on her dog, and after taking the dog to the vet, she asked our trainers group for information about dog burns and advice. . . Read more

  5. Xylitol is Poison to Dogs

    Xylitol is Poison to Dogs Keep artificial sweeteners in candy and gum away from me!   Dogs and Xylitol do not mix.  Xylitol is poison to dogs. This article was written by Christine Moe and is used with permission. Thank. . . Read more

  6. Bloat in Dogs

    Bloat in Dogs Summer brings about all kinds of concerns for dogs. The first thing to remember is not to leave dogs in unshaded yards or in cars, even with the windows open.  Another summer hazard is bloat in dogs. . . Read more

  7. Los Angeles AVMA Veterinary Specialists

    Los Angeles AVMA Veterinary Specialists   I need help from a Los Angeles AVMA Veterinary Specialist! Here's a list of some of the American Veterinary Medical Association  or AVMA Veterinary Specialists in Los Angeles  and their specialties.  Each is an. . . Read more

  8. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! In the spring of 2013, I sent an email to my clients and colleagues about my opposition to AB 272, which is a bill in California proposing the age that puppies get their. . . Read more

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