Puppy Dog Food Treats Recalls


Puppy Dog Food Treats Recalls

Chihuahua And Dog Biscuits

Save me from eating this!

Read the labels of all the dog food and treats you buy! Make sure the food and dog treats come from the US or Canada and not a third-world country.  The label should read 00-13.

The barcode information below is from http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/barcodes.asp

00-13 USA and Canada
30-37 France.
40-44 Germany
49 Japan
50 UK
57 Denmark
64 Finland
76 Switzerland and Leichtenstein
471 Taiwan
480 Philippines
628 Saudi Arabia
629 United Arab Emerates
690-695 China
740-745 Central America

If your dog food is on the list and you decide to change brands, please consider Flint River Ranch, which is the one that I recommend and sell. Here is the link — I want to emphasize that FRR IS NOT BEING RECALLED and has never been recalled.

Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit Recall


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Thanks for reading Puppy Dog Food Treats Recalls!

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