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  1. Dog Getting Vaccinated

    Puppy Socialization and Immunization

    Puppy Socialization and Immunization Below is an excerpt from my book Puppy Socialization: An Insider's Guide to Dog Behavioral Fitness which discusses Puppy Socialization and Immunization. You are probably conflicted because your vet has said not to take your puppy outside. . . Read more

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    Puppy Enrichment

    Puppy Enrichment One way to Puppy Enrichment! Here are just a few puppy socialization and enrichment suggestions from my book. Food Hide food in boxes of all shapes and sizes. Put his food in food dispensing puzzle toys. Sensory Take you. . . Read more

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    History of Puppy Socialization

    History of Puppy Socialization I'm learnin' the History of Puppy Socialization! John Paul Scott and John L. Fuller, in their 13-year study begin­ning in the 1950s at Bar Har­bor, Maine, sum­ma­rized in the clas­sic book Genet­ics and the Social Behav­ior of. . . Read more

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    Why Puppy Socialization, Habituation and Enrichment are Important

    Why Puppy Socialization, Habituation and Enrichment are Important   Newborn Puppies! When a puppy is born, he does not know that he is a dog.  It must be learned through the process we call pri­mary social­iza­tion.  He must also. . . Read more