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  1. How to Use Dog Training Treats Effectively

    [caption id="attachment_1554" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Which dog treats should you use to train me effectively?[/caption] How to Use Dog Training Treats Effectively I’ve been training a long time – practically since dirt was new centuries ago - and have used various. . . Read more

  2. New Puppy Checklist

    New Puppy Checklist We're gonna love each other! Congratulations on your new puppy!  You can be overwhelmed at when you first get your new puppy because there are a myriad of things to do and supplies to buy.   It's. . . Read more

  3. You Can't Train Your Dog When...

    You Can't Train Your Dog When You're Doing Something Else I'm soooo busy! What does this mean? If I handed you a scalpel and told you you had to do brain surgery and then got mad at you because the patient. . . Read more

  4. veterinarian and dog

    Help Your Vet Help Your Dog

    Help Your Vet Help Your Dog My dog loves my vet! Dogs can be afraid of going to a veterinarian or they can love it -- it all depends on how they are trained before they go to the vet's office. . . Read more

  5. how can i get my dog to stop chewing

    Stop Dog Chewing

    Stop Dog Chewing Yummy! How Can I Stop My Dog from Chewing? Okay, your dog chews. That really is normal behavior for him. The problem is that he chews the wrong things. So you need to teach him how to chew. . . Read more

  6. Dog Videos

    Dog Videos Action! These dog videos are both funny and educational.   They show some cute stuff, and some dangerous stuff.  They also show different facets of dog behavior dog training, and dog body language. Please remember that many of. . . Read more

  7. puppy peeing

    Housebreaking Puppies

    Housebreaking Puppies aka The Stages of Housebrokenness Oh, what a relief it is!     Click here for in-person lessons on FIX LINK HERE AND AT BOTTOM how to potty train your puppy in the Los Angeles area and telephone consultations. . . Read more

  8. Senior Citizens and Young Dogs

    Senior Citizens and Young Dogs We can do anything! I just got a phone call from a man who I will call Rob. Rob's father (Ben) is 82 years old and has a one-year-old Golden Retriever who I will call Parker. . . Read more

  9. Make Yourself Relevant!

    When Training Your Dog Make Yourself Relevant! Who's the boss?! Many dogs think they rule the world. They demand something, and they get it because *we* give it to them or they're too strong for us to handle, so we don't. . . Read more

  10. Puppy Manners

    Puppy Manners I am sooo cute! Puppy owners are concerned with present puppy behaviors: chewing, biting, and potty training. Trainers tend to focus on the future: handling, socialization, and exercise. All these areas are important in teaching your puppy Puppy Manners. . . Read more

  11. New Puppy

    New Puppy Prep and Care I'm such a cute puppy! Congratulations on your new puppy! Here are some suggestions on what to do when you bring your new home and for the first few days to help him adjust easily into. . . Read more

  12. New Puppy Supplies

    New Puppy Supplies Let's go shopping! This is a list of new puppy supplies both you and your puppy will need.  The links will take you to www.DogBooksLibrary.com, which is an Amazon- and Dogwise-affiliate site where I have. . . Read more

  13. New Rescue Dog Supplies

    Supplies You Need for Your New Rescue or Adopted Dog Please get me the right stuff! The basic supplies your dog will need are Baby gates Bed Collar Crate Dog toys - ball, rope, chew, puzzle, squeaky Doggie toothbrush and toothpaste. . . Read more

  14. Help Your Groomer Help Your Dog

    Help Your Groomer Help Your Dog Dog Grooming is all wet! Understanding Your Dog's Behavior before Taking Your Dog to the Groomer There are things that happen in our lives that we don’t like and situations we are afraid of. But. . . Read more

  15. Dog Training Tips

    Dog Training Tips I'm looking for some good dog training tips! General Comments Dog Training Tips How Your Dog Learns General Comments about Dog Training Life is a training opportunity. You don’t have to wait for a “formal” training session to. . . Read more

  16. puppy with milk bottle

    Puppy Socialization Importance

    Puppy Socialization Be sure to socialize your puppy!   Puppy socialization has three parts: a puppy learning how to act and interact as a dog from puppies and adult dogs (which is primary socialization) a puppy learning how to act and. . . Read more

  17. Dog Firework Fears

    Dog Firework Fears Ka-BOOM! I had gone to a seminar on rescuing and adopted dogs at Pasadena Humane Society, never intending to come home with a dog, but that's how Conner came into my life. I like terriers because they're feisty. . . Read more

  18. Christmas Dog Safety Tips

     Christmas Dog Safety Tips Merry Christmas Dog! Try to imagine the holidays from your dog’s point of view. Your house is changing on a daily basis. Furniture is moved around. Nothing is where it used to be. There are strange trees. . . Read more

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