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  1. Senior Citizens and Young Dogs

    Senior Citizens and Young Dogs We can do anything! I just got a phone call from a man who I will call Rob. Rob's father (Ben) is 82 years old and has a one-year-old Golden Retriever who I will call Parker. . . Read more

  2. Make Yourself Relevant!

    When Training Your Dog Make Yourself Relevant! Who's the boss?! Many dogs think they rule the world. They demand something, and they get it because *we* give it to them or they're too strong for us to handle, so we don't. . . Read more

  3. Puppy Manners

    Puppy Manners I am sooo cute! Puppy owners are concerned with present puppy behaviors: chewing, biting, and potty training. Trainers tend to focus on the future: handling, socialization, and exercise. All these areas are important in teaching your puppy Puppy Manners. . . Read more

  4. Los Angeles Municipal Code Regarding Dogs

    Los Angeles Municipal Code Regarding Dogs Dog law! Over the years, the City of Los Angeles has sought to improve conditions for animals and people by creating and supporting laws that govern the care of animals and their interactions with humans. . . Read more

  5. Unleashed Dog

    What Can I Do When an Unleashed Dog Approaches Me? I'm gonna getcha! You do have some choices to make when you encounter a unleashed dog. There is no way anyone can tell you which is the right choice. These are. . . Read more

  6. Frightening Encounter with Offleash Dog

    Frightening Encounter with an Offleash Dog Please keep me on leash! I've lived in West Los Angeles in a middle class, well-populated neighborhood for about five years. Most people with dogs are very respectful and courteous. Never did I think this. . . Read more

  7. Choosing a Dog Trainer

    Choosing a Dog Trainer Yes, I can choose! Choosing a Puppy Dog Trainer   When looking for a trainer, do your homework and ask some questions. You're talking about training your best friend here, and virtually anyone can call himself or. . . Read more

  8. Stop My Dog Digging

    How can I STOP MY DOG DIGGING? Watch me excavate your yard!   "I can't get my dog to stop digging!"  If your dog has a problem with digging, chances are you have scolded him, he has felt remorse (or. . . Read more

  9. Help Your Groomer Help Your Dog

    Help Your Groomer Help Your Dog Dog Grooming is all wet! Understanding Your Dog's Behavior before Taking Your Dog to the Groomer There are things that happen in our lives that we don’t like and situations we are afraid of. But. . . Read more

  10. Dog Training Tips

    Dog Training Tips I'm looking for some good dog training tips! General Comments Dog Training Tips How Your Dog Learns General Comments about Dog Training Life is a training opportunity. You don’t have to wait for a “formal” training session to. . . Read more

  11. Dog Attack

       DOG ATTACK   I was teaching my puppy class on socialization. A couple hundred feet away, there were three dogs playing -- a mastiff, a large pit bull mix, and another large mixed-breed dog. (I learned what happened after the. . . Read more

  12. Defensive Dog Handling

    Defensive Dog Handling   Please stop! I had been writing at my computer all day and decided to take a break and take my dogs for a walk. I went out my front door, and there were three women and a. . . Read more

  13. White dog in a lineup

    Solving Dog Behavior Problems

    Solving Dog Behavior Problems [caption id="attachment_331" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Naughty Dog![/caption] What is a dog behavior problem? It's the difference between what you want and what you get -- from your dog. He's probably just doing normal doggie stuff at an. . . Read more

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