New Puppy Checklist


New Puppy Checklist

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We’re gonna love each other!

Congratulations on your new puppy!  You can be overwhelmed at when you first get your new puppy because there are a myriad of things to do and supplies to buy.   It’s almost like preparing for a new baby.  Here’s just a brief summary of the important things to do.

  • Get puppy supplies, puppy food, and toys.  Take a look at my favorite new puppy supplies, and I think they’ll be yours, too.
  • Puppy proof your home and yard to keep your new puppy safe.
  • Find a great veterinarian who will explain about puppy health care including testing for worms and parasites as well as explaining the importance of vaccines.
  • Find a great groomer and learn how you can do take care of some grooming issues at home.
  • Learn about puppy behavior, including puppy separation anxiety, to help his emotional well-being.
  • Learn the right way to train your puppy, starting with puppy potty training.  Email me for your free Puppy Potty Training Log.  I’ve also written a book on Puppy Potty Training which is both funny and educational.
  • Learn how to introduce your puppy to people so he doesn’t become a nuisance.
  • Learn how to introduce your puppy to other animals.
  • Socialize your puppy the right way so he will be comfortable in the real world and you can take him anywhere.  Email me for your free Puppy Socialization Checklist.  The list comes from my book on Puppy Socialization.
  • Familiarize yourself on new puppy behavior, what’s good and what isn’t.
  • Learn how to handle your puppy and brush his teeth – it’s easier to start now so he gets used to it at a young age.
  • Get him microchipped and an ID tag to help find him if he gets lost or – gasp! – stolen.
  • Find a good puppy class with an excellent instructor.  This is the most important period in your puppy’s life, so be sure the instructor has had at least 5 years of experience dealing with puppies.
  • And, most of all, enjoy your new puppy!
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