Marina del Rey Puppy Dog Training


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Beautiful Marina del Rey!

Marina del Rey Dog Training & Puppy Training

We want to help you and your dog in whatever way we can.  In our private lessons, we customize a program dealing with your choice of topics and issues – with a bit of input from us regarding things we know (but you may not yet appreciate) are important.


We begin with a 1.5 hour training lesson for $295.  We then continue with our Basic training package our most popular package of six hours of training in four 1.5 hour lessons for $695..
Introductory private lesson: $295 for the first1.5 hours and $150 for each hour or portion thereafter.
One Hour — One Issue $195. This option is for simple behavior issues or obedience exercises.

ZIP Codes served

90056 west of La Cienega
90066 south of Washington

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Marina del Rey Puppy Dog Training
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