We could have happily lived our lives without knowing about COVID-19, coronavirus, social distancing, flattening the curve, etc. You’ve heard it a million times – “we’re living in unprecedented times, and we’re all in this together.”

You have a lot on your mind working from home, looking after your kids, your schedule being totally disrupted, struggling to keep your family from getting cabin fever. Our dogs are picking up on our stress. I understand your struggle and can give you and your puppy or dog support for today’s new reality. with virtual online puppy and dog training.

Because of COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, all initial puppy dog training sessions are virtual one-on-one private lessons. 

Since our dogs have gotten used to our being home during the quarantine, they may suffer separation anxiety when we return to our regular routine. We’ve written a series of articles things you can do now to prevent puppy dog separation anxiety after quarantine. It’s much easier to prevent it than to cure it.

Virtual Online Puppy Dog Training Fees

Our fees are $195 for the first lesson (which is a minimum of one hour) and then $175 for each additional lesson. Or, after the initial session, you may purchase a block of 4 additional one-hour lessons for $600, a savings of $100.

What is Virtual Online Puppy and Dog Training?

It’s one-on-one  private training sessions in the comfort of your home via Zoom on your computer. I teach you how to train your dog or puppy.

All you need is a computer/smartphone/tablet and an internet connection. We meet via Zoom, or we can meet over the phone if you prefer.

Benefits of Virtual Online Puppy and Dog Training

In many respects, virtual training is actually better than in-person training because

  • You can start right almost immediately since we can’t have in-person training now.
  • Virtual online training is more flexible than in-person training since there is no travel time. We can schedule at a time that’s convenient for you – and we can work with you from anywhere in the world! Isn’t that better than rushing home from work trying to get ready for a lesson?
  • The training environment is more comfortable since it’s your own home – where the behavior takes place.
  • Sessions are less stressful for you and your dog. For some dogs – especially those with anxiety or fears – virtual puppy dog training is preferable since I am not changing the environment by entering your home and your dog “doesn’t have to get used to me,” a stranger coming into his home. Virtually, I am not a distraction!
  • You choose what you would like to work on.
  • You can get something checked off your to-do list. (How long has “training the dog” been on there???)
  • Your entire family can be involved if you would like.
  • Virtual training is perfect for people with mobility issues or if you live in an area without a nearby dog trainer or behavior consultant.
  • Last – but not least – it doesn’t matter if you had garlic or onions for lunch…

How Does Virtual Online Puppy and Dog Training Work?

  • You contact me via phone or email.
  • You get a free 15-minute phone call where I take a brief history to find out what you want to work on.
  • I email you additional information along with an Agreement.
  • Upon deposit of $195 into my PayPal account and a returned signed Agreement, I send you a one-page questionnaire which you fill out and return to me before your lesson in order to save time during the lesson.
  • We then schedule your session to a mutually convenient time.
  • All training begins with an approximate 60-minute session on Zoom, during which I ask you further questions to get a more complete background.
  • You will receive oral instructions the training exercises, and we work out a Behavior Plan for you and your puppy or dog.
  • After the session, you receive a copy of the Behavior Plan and pertinent written instructions, handouts, and copies of her books (at no charge!) via email.

What Can We Work On?

Generally, training falls into five categories:

Puppy training – either pre-puppy consulting or puppy issues such as

  • potty training (My first book on puppy potty training won the 2015 Global eBook award!)
  • chewing and biting
  • socialization and handling
  • preventing separation anxiety and other future behavior issues

Obedience training where we customize a program and work on the commands that are important to you such as

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Stay, Off
  • Leave It
  • Drop It
  • Heel or Loose Leash Walking
  • – and whatever you’d like to work on

Behavior training for nuisance issues

  • jumping
  • stealing
  • counter surfing
  • attention seeking
  • door dashing
  • – and whatever you’d like to work on

Behavior training for emotional issues

If your dog has a behavior issue, you likely have looked online to see if you can resolve it by yourself. That is a quick way to insanity because everyone contradicts everyone else. What you need is someone to listen to you and give you a solution to your dog’s specific issue.

  • barking
  • destruction
  • aggression
  • food, toy, or people guarding
  • fears and anxieties
  • – and a lot more

Fun Stuff – agility and trick training

  • Wave
  • Shake
  • Crawl
  • – and, yet again, a lot more

Who Are You, and
What Training Techniques Do You Use?

I use reward-based training. I like to make things simple and have designed easy-to-do techniques that I guide you through step by step. You also receive handouts, books, and other guides at no additional cost.

I — aka Miss Doggie Manners — am a dog trainer/behavior consultant with 25+ years’ experience. I am the first dog trainer concurrently certified by five dog training organizations.  I now offer virtual online training and behavior consulting for all dogs – large and small, puppies and adults, purebred and mixed breeds — but I LOVE to work with puppies. My reward-based training methods help dogs learn obedience, tricks, agility, and manners as well as solve behavior problems. I have handled animals in films, movies, TV shows, and plays — even the Los Angeles Opera! I have authored ten books, one of which won the 2015 Global eBook award.

And a lot more (Click here for my comprehensive bio and experience.)

How Can We Get Started?

It’s easy to get started. Just call me at (310) 804-2392 or email me at caryl@DoggieManners.com

Thank you for considering Virtual Online Puppy Dog Training!

Caryl Wolff is the first dog trainer in Los Angeles and the United States who was certified by five dog and puppy training organizations.  She can help you and your puppy or dog training them to be the best they can be.

Virtual Online Puppy Dog Training
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