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I can’t bear it when you’re gone!

Puppy or dog separation anxiety is a heartbreaking problem for both you and your dog.  It is not something he does out of spite, and it’s a fear issue and is beyond his control.  He is having a panic attack when you are gone.

Common symptoms of separation anxiety are

  • barking and/or whining
  • self mutilation
  • destruction of property

Read more about this distressing affliction here.

We have had many successes in treating Dog Separation Anxiety even though it is the most difficult issue we work with because we are trying to train your dog when no one is home.

At our initial 1.5-hour session is $295, and sometimes that’s all you and your dog need.  During that session, we find out more about exactly what’s going on.  Each program is unique because each dog/owner relationship is unique, so we  tailor the program to you and your dog or puppy.

Our Separation Anxiety program involves

  • behavior modification for your dog
  • behavior modification for you (Yes, you are a component!)
  • obedience training (for your dog, not for you)
  • setting up the environment to help your dog
  • learning about calming products and techniques

Why not give us a call  or text (310) 804-2392 to see how we can help you — and your dog.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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Los Angeles Puppy Dog Separation Anxiety
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