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  1. los angeles hearing guide barking dangerous dog

    Los Angeles Animal Services Administrative Hearing Guide

    Barking Dog and Dangerous Animals Administrative Hearing Guide for the City of Los Angeles Help! Many people are not aware that there is a procedure for a hearing if a dog is barking or dangerous.  The Los Angeles Animal Services. . . Read more

  2. dog park clean up

    Los Angeles Dog Parks

    Los Angeles Dog Parks, Dog Beaches & Dog Trails Just a reminder! Here is a list of the Los Angeles Dog Parks, beaches, and trails.  Please be sure to contact the park to see what the rules and regulations are. . . Read more

  3. Los Angeles Animal Shelters

    Los Angeles Animal Shelters I'd be much happier in your home! This is a list of selected Los Angeles Animal Shelters and agencies in Los Angeles city and county, SPCAs, and other animal shelters and agencies. PLEASE NOTE THAT DOGGIE MANNERS. . . Read more

  4. Los Angeles Municipal Code Regarding Dogs

    Los Angeles Municipal Code Regarding Dogs Dog law! Over the years, the City of Los Angeles has sought to improve conditions for animals and people by creating and supporting laws that govern the care of animals and their interactions with humans. . . Read more

  5. Los Angeles Holistic Veterinarians

    Los Angeles Holistic Veterinarians Dogs love holistic vets! Here's a list of some of the Los Angeles holistic veteranians that treat small animals . Go to their Websites to learn more about what they offer, i.e, acupuncture, chiropractic, Chinese medicine, herbs. . . Read more

  6. los angeles stormwater program logo

    Los Angeles Stormwater Program

    This article is written by and provided as a service for the Los Angeles Stormwater Program. Please pick up your dog's poop!   PLEASE pick up after your dog! Protect Your Pet and Keep LA Healthy Los Angeles’s wonderful weather. . . Read more

  7. Los Angeles AVMA Veterinary Specialists

    Los Angeles AVMA Veterinary Specialists   I need help from a Los Angeles AVMA Veterinary Specialist! Here's a list of some of the American Veterinary Medical Association  or AVMA Veterinary Specialists in Los Angeles  and their specialties.  Each is an. . . Read more

  8. puppy with milk bottle

    Puppy Socialization Importance

    Puppy Socialization Be sure to socialize your puppy!   Puppy socialization has three parts: a puppy learning how to act and interact as a dog from puppies and adult dogs (which is primary socialization) a puppy learning how to act and. . . Read more

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