Hollywood Puppy Dog Training

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Hollywood is ready for Puppy Dog Training!

During our Hollywood Puppy Dog Training private lessons we work with you in a customized program with the topics and issues of your choice. All private lessons begin with  a 1.5 hour lesson for $295.  When we continue, the program is six hours of training in four 90-minute lessons.

Private program:  $795 in the flats and $895 in the hills above Sunset

Individual lessons: $295/325 for the first 1.5, then $195 hour or portion thereafter.

Let’s start training together!
Just reach for your phone and call or text (310) 804-2392.
Email us at caryl@DoggieManners.com 

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Hollywood Puppy Dog Training
Doggie Manners Los Angeles Puppy Dog Training
12021 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90025
Call or text (310) 804-2392.
Email us at caryl@DoggieManners.com