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  1. thanksgiving dog

    Thanksgiving Dog Safety Tips

    Thanksgiving Dog Safety Tips I ain't no turkey! Think ahead to the day after Thanksgiving. Where would you rather be – lounging on the couch with your dog sleeping on the floor next to you, hitting the after-Thanksgiving sales – or. . . Read more

  2. halloween puppy in hat with pumpkin

    Halloween Dog Safety Tips

    Halloween Dog Safety Tips I won't scare you if you keep me safe! Halloween is a lot of fun for people, especially children, but not that great for dogs. As humans, we know what’s going on – people playing like they. . . Read more

  3. Christmas Dog Safety Tips

     Christmas Dog Safety Tips Merry Christmas Dog! Try to imagine the holidays from your dog’s point of view. Your house is changing on a daily basis. Furniture is moved around. Nothing is where it used to be. There are strange trees. . . Read more

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