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Doggie Manners Magic!

Doggie Life Skills + Impulse Control = Doggie Manners Magic

Obedience training is what you want your dog to do — Sit, Stay, Come, etc.  Doggie Manners Magic teaches your dog manners and to stop going the things you don’t want him to do!

Does your dog

•    bolt out the door when you open it?
•    fidget or play catch-me-if-you-can when you try to put his leash on?
•    get in your way when you are walking (especially on the stairs)?
•    get jealous when you pay attention to a person or another dog????
•    jump on furniture without permission?
•    jump on people?
•    pester you for attention?
•    pull you when he sees another dog or person on a walk?
•    put the leash in his mouth on walks?
•    smell people’s crotches?
•    steal food off countertops or tables?
•    steal your socks, cell phone, the remote, etc.?
•    think every dog is his playmate?
•    think every person is his playmate?
•    think his leash is a tug toy?
•    want to be petted by everybody everywhere all the time?

Then our Doggie Manners Magic program is definitely for your dog!!! You don’t need your dog to do circus tricks, but — ahem — he is behaviorally challenged. He’s a lovable dog who just doesn’t know self control or how to live in a human world.

You will learn how to help your dog become a better-mannered member of the family, and your dog will learn impulse control.

The fee is $295 for a 1.5-hour lesson, and you choose what we work on.  You receive detailed written instructions that you can refer to as well as telephone support.

Call or text Doggie Manners at (310) 804-2392. so you and your dog can both be happy! Or email us at caryl@DoggieManners.com 

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Doggie Manners Magic
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