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March 2019
  1. Behavior Chains in Dog Training - Part 1

    Why Knowing about Behavior Chains in Dog Training Is So Important What is a behavior chain? A behavior chain is a series of behaviors that you (or your dog or someone else) does in a predictable pattern.  Each link in the. . . Read more

December 2018
  1. How to Use Dog Training Treats Effectively

    [caption id="attachment_1554" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Which dog treats should you use to train me effectively?[/caption] How to Use Dog Training Treats Effectively I’ve been training a long time – practically since dirt was new centuries ago - and have used various. . . Read more

July 2018
  1. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 18

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! MY OPINION In preparation for this article, I read several vaccination guidelines from several different organizations and many, many, many articles on the Internet.  So, here’s my opinion – Do I think. . . Read more

  2. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 17

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! Why is there such a concern about giving the vaccines at three months versus four months?  This information was taken from an interview of Dr. Dodds by Dr. Karen Becker.  Dr. Dodds. . . Read more

  3. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 16

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! Specifics about ABA 272  This bill was introduced by Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez to amend the California Health and Safety Code to change the age that rabies vaccinations are given to puppies from. . . Read more

  4. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 15

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! How do we know how long a vaccination lasts in the body before we need to revaccinate?  You would need to vaccinate your dog and then test it by using titers at specified. . . Read more

  5. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 14

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! Follow-up questions for Dr. Dodds Is there a correlation between puppies that have had adverse vaccine reactions and development of the medical and/or behavioral issues that were listed in the questionnaire? Dr. Dodds. . . Read more

  6. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 13

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! Adverse Vaccine Reactions W. Jean Dodds, DVM Viral disease and recent vaccination with single or combination modified live-virus (MLV) vaccines, especially those containing distemper virus, adenovirus 1 or 2, and parvovirus are increasingly. . . Read more

  7. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 12

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! From the CDC Website, “While dogs have historically been associated with rabies transmission to humans, cats are more likely to be reported rabid in the U.S. Cats are often in close contact. . . Read more

  8. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 11

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! Do vaccine reactions to different diseases differ? Dr. Dodds – Yes, but, besides anaphylaxis  -- which any vaccine can cause idiosyncratically -- most delayed vaccine reactions occur within 2-21 days afterwards, and are. . . Read more

  9. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 10

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! Then I wrote Dr. Dodds and Dr. Breitman, asking them the same questions.  All responses are minimally edited.  Dr. Dodds provided many citations and studies in which she participated.  Dr. . . Read more

  10. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 9

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! Is there an issue with fetal calf serum and why? e-mail Dr. Dodds at I found this information "Why is fetal calf/bovine serum in some vaccines? In. . . Read more

  11. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 8

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! Now, believe it or not, we’re going to talk specifically about rabies.  I chose two doctors – Dr. Jean Dodds and Dr. Linda Breitman (their CVs appear at the end of this. . . Read more

  12. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 7

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! What are the vaccine requirements for all the states? Each state makes its own laws as to when you should vaccinate your dog. 12 states have 3-month laws/regulations: Alabama Arizona Connecticut Idaho Indiana. . . Read more

  13. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 6

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! Can a vaccine fail?  Yes, a vaccine can fail for various reasons: Because of the maternal passive immunity Because it’s a new strain of virus that’s not protected by the vaccine Because the. . . Read more

  14. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 5

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! What is a vaccine reaction? Any vaccine has the potential to cause a reaction.  The reaction can come from the disease itself or the adjuvants in the vaccine.  If your dog. . . Read more

  15. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 4

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! What is a vaccine? A vaccine is a manufactured preparation that helps to boost the body’s immune system to a specific germ that can cause disease, disability, or death so that it can. . . Read more

  16. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 3

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! What are all the A’s – antigens, antibodies, attenuated vaccine, adjuvants, anaphylaxis? An antigen is a foreign substance (germ) that invades your body.  Antigen=irritant.  It can come from the environment such. . . Read more

  17. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Part 2

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch!     The entire process of looking up definitions was very frustrating, and here’s an example.  (I learned very quickly that if I looked something up in a medical dictionary, it used. . . Read more

  18. Rabies Vaccination for Dogs

    Rabies Vaccination for Dogs - AB 272 Ouch! In the spring of 2013, I sent an email to my clients and colleagues about my opposition to AB 272, which is a bill in California proposing the age that puppies get their. . . Read more

September 2015
  1. Puppy Socialization and Immunization

    Puppy Socialization and Immunization Below is an excerpt from my book Puppy Socialization: An Insider's Guide to Dog Behavioral Fitness which discusses Puppy Socialization and Immunization. You are probably conflicted because your vet has said not to take your puppy outside. . . Read more

June 2015
  1. Puppy Enrichment

    Puppy Enrichment One way to Puppy Enrichment! Here are just a few puppy socialization and enrichment suggestions from my book. Food Hide food in boxes of all shapes and sizes. Put his food in food dispensing puzzle toys. Sensory Take you. . . Read more

  2. History of Puppy Socialization

    History of Puppy Socialization I'm learnin' the History of Puppy Socialization! John Paul Scott and John L. Fuller, in their 13-year study begin­ning in the 1950s at Bar Har­bor, Maine, sum­ma­rized in the clas­sic book Genet­ics and the Social Behav­ior of. . . Read more

  3. Why Puppy Socialization, Habituation and Enrichment are Important

    Why Puppy Socialization, Habituation and Enrichment are Important   Newborn Puppies! When a puppy is born, he does not know that he is a dog.  It must be learned through the process we call pri­mary social­iza­tion.  He must also. . . Read more

  4. puppy with milk bottle

    What is Puppy Socialization?

    What is Puppy Socialization?   What is Puppy Socialization? The term “social­iza­tion” has sev­eral def­i­n­i­tions depend­ing on whom you are tak­ing to and what that person’s back­ground is. When dog own­ers speak about “social­iza­tion,” they gen­er­ally mean they want. . . Read more

April 2015
  1. New Puppy Checklist

    New Puppy Checklist We're gonna love each other! Congratulations on your new puppy!  You can be overwhelmed at when you first get your new puppy because there are a myriad of things to do and supplies to buy.   It's. . . Read more

March 2015
  1. Dog Training Links

    Dog Training Links I'm busy searching for good doggie stuff! I have handpicked these dog training links for your reference. Dog Activities and Sports Dog-related Organizations Dog Behavior and Training Articles Dog Bite Prevention Dogs and Kids Dog Parks Dog Health. . . Read more

  2. Puppy Dog Food Treats Recalls

    Puppy Dog Food Treats Recalls [caption id="attachment_5085" align="aligncenter" width="300"] What is important to you - Puppy Dog Food & Treat Recalls[/caption]   Read the labels of all the dog food and treats you buy! Make sure the food and dog treats. . . Read more

  3. You Can't Train Your Dog When...

    You Can't Train Your Dog When You're Doing Something Else I'm soooo busy! What does this mean? If I handed you a scalpel and told you you had to do brain surgery and then got mad at you because the patient. . . Read more

  4. veterinarian and dog

    Help Your Vet Help Your Dog

    Help Your Vet Help Your Dog My dog loves my vet! Dogs can be afraid of going to a veterinarian or they can love it -- it all depends on how they are trained before they go to the vet's office. . . Read more

January 2015
  1. dog and phone

    Phone Calls about Dog Training and Behavior

    Phone Calls about Dog Training and Behavior Can we talk? I get several phone calls from potential clients asking me various questions on numerous subjects regarding their dogs on dog training and behavior. Some of the questions are: "My dog is. . . Read more

  2. how can i get my dog to stop chewing

    Stop Dog Chewing

    Stop Dog Chewing Yummy! How Can I Stop My Dog from Chewing? Okay, your dog chews. That really is normal behavior for him. The problem is that he chews the wrong things. So you need to teach him how to chew. . . Read more

  3. Dog Videos

    Dog Videos Action! These dog videos are both funny and educational.   They show some cute stuff, and some dangerous stuff.  They also show different facets of dog behavior dog training, and dog body language. Please remember that many of. . . Read more

  4. puppy peeing

    Housebreaking Puppies

    Housebreaking Puppies aka The Stages of Housebrokenness Oh, what a relief it is!     Click here for in-person lessons on FIX LINK HERE AND AT BOTTOM how to potty train your puppy in the Los Angeles area and telephone consultations. . . Read more

  5. los angeles hearing guide barking dangerous dog

    Los Angeles Animal Services Administrative Hearing Guide

    Barking Dog and Dangerous Animals Administrative Hearing Guide for the City of Los Angeles Help! Many people are not aware that there is a procedure for a hearing if a dog is barking or dangerous.  The Los Angeles Animal Services. . . Read more

  6. Senior Citizens and Young Dogs

    Senior Citizens and Young Dogs We can do anything! I just got a phone call from a man who I will call Rob. Rob's father (Ben) is 82 years old and has a one-year-old Golden Retriever who I will call Parker. . . Read more

  7. dog aggression on leash

    On-Leash Dog Aggression

    On Leash Dog Aggression This is not fun or funny. When peoplecall me regarding their dog being aggressive on leash to dogs or to people, my philosophy is to give the owners the methods to use rather than train the dog. . . Read more

  8. dog park clean up

    Los Angeles Dog Parks

    Los Angeles Dog Parks, Dog Beaches & Dog Trails Just a reminder! Here is a list of the Los Angeles Dog Parks, beaches, and trails.  Please be sure to contact the park to see what the rules and regulations are. . . Read more

  9. Los Angeles Animal Shelters

    Los Angeles Animal Shelters I'd be much happier in your home! This is a list of selected Los Angeles Animal Shelters and agencies in Los Angeles city and county, SPCAs, and other animal shelters and agencies. PLEASE NOTE THAT DOGGIE MANNERS. . . Read more

  10. Make Yourself Relevant!

    When Training Your Dog Make Yourself Relevant! Who's the boss?! Many dogs think they rule the world. They demand something, and they get it because *we* give it to them or they're too strong for us to handle, so we don't. . . Read more

  11. Puppy Manners

    Puppy Manners I am sooo cute! Puppy owners are concerned with present puppy behaviors: chewing, biting, and potty training. Trainers tend to focus on the future: handling, socialization, and exercise. All these areas are important in teaching your puppy Puppy Manners. . . Read more

  12. Your New Rescue Dog

    Your New Rescue Dog I'm so happy you found me! Congratulations on adopting your new rescue dog! You are giving him the best home he has ever had whether he has come from a shelter, a rescue group, or the dog. . . Read more

  13. Los Angeles Municipal Code Regarding Dogs

    Los Angeles Municipal Code Regarding Dogs Dog law! Over the years, the City of Los Angeles has sought to improve conditions for animals and people by creating and supporting laws that govern the care of animals and their interactions with humans. . . Read more

  14. New Puppy

    New Puppy Prep and Care I'm such a cute puppy! Congratulations on your new puppy! Here are some suggestions on what to do when you bring your new home and for the first few days to help him adjust easily into. . . Read more

  15. New Puppy Supplies

    New Puppy Supplies Let's go shopping! This is a list of new puppy supplies both you and your puppy will need.  The links will take you to, which is an Amazon- and Dogwise-affiliate site where I have. . . Read more

  16. New Rescue Dog Supplies

    Supplies You Need for Your New Rescue or Adopted Dog Please get me the right stuff! The basic supplies your dog will need are Baby gates Bed Collar Crate Dog toys - ball, rope, chew, puzzle, squeaky Doggie toothbrush and toothpaste. . . Read more

  17. Unleashed Dog

    What Can I Do When an Unleashed Dog Approaches Me? I'm gonna getcha! You do have some choices to make when you encounter a unleashed dog. There is no way anyone can tell you which is the right choice. These are. . . Read more

December 2014
  1. Frightening Encounter with Offleash Dog

    Frightening Encounter with an Offleash Dog Please keep me on leash! I've lived in West Los Angeles in a middle class, well-populated neighborhood for about five years. Most people with dogs are very respectful and courteous. Never did I think this. . . Read more

  2. Choosing a Dog Trainer

    Choosing a Dog Trainer Yes, I can choose! Choosing a Puppy Dog Trainer   When looking for a trainer, do your homework and ask some questions. You're talking about training your best friend here, and virtually anyone can call himself or. . . Read more

  3. dog holding toothbrush

    Dog Dental Tips

    Dog Dental Tips   Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. Oral disease is the most common dog clinical disease, and 85% of dogs over four years of age have dental problems. Cleaning your dog’s teeth is extremely important. . . Read more

  4. Stop My Dog Digging

    How can I STOP MY DOG DIGGING? Watch me excavate your yard!   "I can't get my dog to stop digging!"  If your dog has a problem with digging, chances are you have scolded him, he has felt remorse (or. . . Read more

  5. Los Angeles Holistic Veterinarians

    Los Angeles Holistic Veterinarians Dogs love holistic vets! Here's a list of some of the Los Angeles holistic veteranians that treat small animals . Go to their Websites to learn more about what they offer, i.e, acupuncture, chiropractic, Chinese medicine, herbs. . . Read more

  6. Help Your Groomer Help Your Dog

    Help Your Groomer Help Your Dog Dog Grooming is all wet! Understanding Your Dog's Behavior before Taking Your Dog to the Groomer There are things that happen in our lives that we don’t like and situations we are afraid of. But. . . Read more

  7. Dog Training Tips

    Dog Training Tips I'm looking for some good dog training tips! General Comments Dog Training Tips How Your Dog Learns General Comments about Dog Training Life is a training opportunity. You don’t have to wait for a “formal” training session to. . . Read more

  8. Dog Attack

       DOG ATTACK   I was teaching my puppy class on socialization. A couple hundred feet away, there were three dogs playing -- a mastiff, a large pit bull mix, and another large mixed-breed dog. (I learned what happened after the. . . Read more

  9. Defensive Dog Handling

    Defensive Dog Handling   Please stop! I had been writing at my computer all day and decided to take a break and take my dogs for a walk. I went out my front door, and there were three women and a. . . Read more

  10. dog sticking head in pool

    Teach Your Dog to Swim

    Teach Your Dog to Swim I'm searching for sharks! So, you’ve got a pool and a dog. What happens when the two get together?  You can teach your dog to swim!  It can either be a disaster or a. . . Read more

November 2014
  1. los angeles stormwater program logo

    Los Angeles Stormwater Program

    This article is written by and provided as a service for the Los Angeles Stormwater Program. Please pick up your dog's poop!   PLEASE pick up after your dog! Protect Your Pet and Keep LA Healthy Los Angeles’s wonderful weather. . . Read more

  2. What to do about Dog Burns

    What to do about Dog Burns Ouch! A family member of a fellow trainer accidentally spilled boiling water on her dog, and after taking the dog to the vet, she asked our trainers group for information about dog burns and advice. . . Read more

  3. Xylitol is Poison to Dogs

    Xylitol is Poison to Dogs Keep artificial sweeteners in candy and gum away from me!   Dogs and Xylitol do not mix.  Xylitol is poison to dogs. This article was written by Christine Moe and is used with permission. Thank. . . Read more

  4. Bloat in Dogs

    Bloat in Dogs Summer brings about all kinds of concerns for dogs. The first thing to remember is not to leave dogs in unshaded yards or in cars, even with the windows open.  Another summer hazard is bloat in dogs. . . Read more

  5. Dogs and Children

    Dogs and Children Friendship! What can you as a parent do to help ensure that your children and your dog have a good relationship?  Dogs and children can coexist safely and happily.  Teach your child how to act around. . . Read more

  6. White dog in a lineup

    Solving Dog Behavior Problems

    Solving Dog Behavior Problems [caption id="attachment_331" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Naughty Dog![/caption] What is a dog behavior problem? It's the difference between what you want and what you get -- from your dog. He's probably just doing normal doggie stuff at an. . . Read more

  7. Los Angeles AVMA Veterinary Specialists

    Los Angeles AVMA Veterinary Specialists   I need help from a Los Angeles AVMA Veterinary Specialist! Here's a list of some of the American Veterinary Medical Association  or AVMA Veterinary Specialists in Los Angeles  and their specialties.  Each is an. . . Read more

  8. thanksgiving dog

    Thanksgiving Dog Safety Tips

    Thanksgiving Dog Safety Tips I ain't no turkey! Think ahead to the day after Thanksgiving. Where would you rather be – lounging on the couch with your dog sleeping on the floor next to you, hitting the after-Thanksgiving sales – or. . . Read more

October 2014
  1. puppy with milk bottle

    Puppy Socialization Importance

    Puppy Socialization Be sure to socialize your puppy!   Puppy socialization has three parts: a puppy learning how to act and interact as a dog from puppies and adult dogs (which is primary socialization) a puppy learning how to act and. . . Read more

  2. Dog Separation Anxiety

    Dog Separation Anxiety I miss you! What is dog separation anxiety? Your dog becomes so stressed in your absence (sometimes even if you simply go into the next room where he can't see you) that he can't cope with being. . . Read more

  3. barking dog

    Stop My Barking Dog

    Stop My Barking Dog Is my bark worse than my bite? How can I stop my barking dog? Your dog barks; you tell him to stop. Your Dog Barks; You Tell Him To Stop. YOUR DOG BARKS; YOU TELL HIM TO. . . Read more

  4. halloween puppy in hat with pumpkin

    Halloween Dog Safety Tips

    Halloween Dog Safety Tips I won't scare you if you keep me safe! Halloween is a lot of fun for people, especially children, but not that great for dogs. As humans, we know what’s going on – people playing like they. . . Read more

July 2014
  1. Dog Firework Fears

    Dog Firework Fears Ka-BOOM! I had gone to a seminar on rescuing and adopted dogs at Pasadena Humane Society, never intending to come home with a dog, but that's how Conner came into my life. I like terriers because they're feisty. . . Read more

December 2013
  1. Christmas Dog Safety Tips

     Christmas Dog Safety Tips Merry Christmas Dog! Try to imagine the holidays from your dog’s point of view. Your house is changing on a daily basis. Furniture is moved around. Nothing is where it used to be. There are strange trees. . . Read more

August 2007
  1. Finding Stolen Dogs - Introduction

    Finding Stolen Dogs HELP! REPRINT POLICY for Finding Stolen Dogs This article is provided free as a service and may be reprinted IN PRINT ON PAPER ONLY in its entirety exactly as written with the following wording: Copyright 2007-2016 Caryl Wolff. . . Read more

  2. Finding Stolen Dogs - Background Information

    Finding Stolen Dogs - Background Information   Which dogs are at most risk to get stolen? Small dogs and puppies because they are easily transportable, but large dogs are stolen as well for guard dogs. Included here are reasons for theft. . . Read more

  3. Finding Stolen Dogs - Preparation

    Finding Stolen Dogs - Preparation Need we say more? Finding Stolen Dogs - Things to do Now Before Your Dog Is Stolen There are a lot of things you can do NOW so you won’t waste time when it counts. DO. . . Read more

  4. Finding Stolen Dogs - Immediate Actions

    Finding Stolen Dogs - Immediate Actions Do it NOW! Check to make sure your dog is actually stolen. Make sure he/she is not out with a family member, in the back yard, or hiding somewhere unusual. IMMEDIATELY call your local law. . . Read more

  5. Finding Stolen Dogs - Search for Your Dog

    Finding Stolen Dogs - Things to do in Your Search Searching for Your Dog! There are a number of things you can do when looking for your stolen dog.  Do as many as you can -- the more things you. . . Read more

  6. Finding Stolen Dogs - Supplies

    Finding Stolen Dogs - Supplies You Need for Your Search Let's start! You’re going to need supplies to make the posters and flyers, supplies for the people hanging the posters and flyers, and other supplies. Here’s what you will need to. . . Read more

  7. Finding Stolen Dogs - Flyers and Posters

    Finding Stolen Dogs - Flyers and Posters Make your posters & flyers! Your flyer should be as simple as possible – use bullet points and make it easy to read so people can read it at a glance. Use the entire. . . Read more

  8. Finding Stolen Dogs - Responses to your Ad

    Finding Stolen Dogs - Responses to your Ad   You are likely to get responses to your stolen dog flyers.  There are four types of people that will call you: The thief A witness to the theft A person who. . . Read more

  9. Finding Stolen Dogs - Scams

    Finding Stolen Dogs - Scams Be careful! Unfortunately, there are people who will scam you after your dog is stolen.  Finding stolen dogs scams are common.  Be informed and beware! Madeline Bernstein of spcaLA put this very succinctly, “These. . . Read more

  10. Finding Stolen Dogs - Following up

    Finding Stolen Dogs - Following up I'm on this! Finding stolen dogs, when you are following up -- don't give up! Here's some suggestions on how to follow up. Write letters to your local papers and continue to post on Craig’s. . . Read more