Because of COVID, all in-person training is on hiatus until after the quarantine. We currently offer private virtual training lessons.

The first virtual lesson is $195. Succeeding 1-hour lessons if needed are $175/lesson, or you may purchase a package of four 1-hour lessons for $600, a savings of $100. You receive written instructions, a free copy of my book if applicable, and telephone or email support.

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Our private puppy dog training lessons will resume after the quarantine.

Since our dogs have gotten used to our being home during the quarantine, they may suffer separation anxiety when we return to our regular routine. We’ve written a series of articles things you can do now to prevent puppy dog separation anxiety after quarantine. It’s much easier to prevent it than to cure it.

Dog Training Prep for a New Baby

MAKE THESE CHANGES NOW.  Don’t wait until just before the baby arrives because if you wait, you will be stressed and your dog needs time to adjust.

What follows are some topics to think about and exercises to do *before* your baby arrives.

Preliminaries before You Start Training

  •           Dog body language search
  •           Reduce or eliminate behavior problems (Our Dog Training Prep for a New Baby program does not cover any behavior issues such as aggression or anxiety, although those may be reduced by teaching him obedience exercises. We have other programs for shy or skittish dogs, dogs who growl or bite,  or excitable dogs .)
  •           Thorough vet checkup

Think these Changes and Train Your Dog  before Your Baby Arrives

  •  Baby’s room – is he going to be allowed inside?
  • Decide where you want your dog when you are doing X (X is nursing, bathing, etc.)
  • Furniture and car – where is he going to be?
  • Introduction to smells, sights, and sounds of babies

Dog Training Exercises prior to your Baby’s Arrival

These are some of the exercises we teach.  We can personalize a program specifically to your needs.

  • Come
  • Crate training
  • Desensitize to movement
  • Desensitize to noises
  • Drop it
  • Greeting behavior
  • Leave it
  • Safe spot
  • Stay behind a gate
  • Stop jumping
  • Walking next to a stroller

Equipment to Help You and Your Dog in Training

The following links are a partial list of the specific types of products we have handpicked and recommend.

Introducing your Dog to your New Baby

  • Plan ahead on how you are going to introduce your dog to your new baby.
  • Train your dog as to what you want him to do rather than saying no.  Give him alternatives.
  • Everyone needs relaxation time!  Teach your dog how to relax.

Resources for Dog Training Prep for a New Baby

These are the two books I recommend for all dog parents.

These are the books for expecting dog parents.

Other recommended books


If you can’t supervise – which means being physically *and* mentally present (not watching TV or on the phone or your computer or running to answer the door or to the bathroom) –  then physically separate your dog from your baby by a closed door, a crate, a tether, or a baby gate.

Thank you for considering Dog Training Prep for a New Baby in Los Angeles!

Caryl Wolff is the first dog trainer in Los Angeles and the United States who was certified by five dog and puppy training organizations.  She can help you and your puppy or dog training them to be the best they can be.

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