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  1. Dangerous People Food for Dogs

    [caption id="attachment_5154" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Dangerous People Food for Dogs[/caption] Dangerous People Food for Dogs The ASPCA has an enormous list of poisons and symptoms. If you think your dog has ingested any poison or dangerous food, you may call them at. . . Read more

  2. Dog Training Links

    Dog Training Links I'm busy searching for good doggie stuff! I have handpicked these dog training links for your reference. Dog Activities and Sports Dog-related Organizations Dog Behavior and Training Articles Dog Bite Prevention Dogs and Kids Dog Parks Dog Health. . . Read more

  3. Puppy Dog Food Treats Recalls

    Puppy Dog Food Treats Recalls [caption id="attachment_5085" align="aligncenter" width="300"] What is important to you - Puppy Dog Food & Treat Recalls[/caption]   Read the labels of all the dog food and treats you buy! Make sure the food and dog treats. . . Read more

  4. Unleashed Dog

    What Can I Do When an Unleashed Dog Approaches Me? I'm gonna getcha! You do have some choices to make when you encounter a unleashed dog. There is no way anyone can tell you which is the right choice. These are. . . Read more

  5. Frightening Encounter with Offleash Dog

    Frightening Encounter with an Offleash Dog Please keep me on leash! I've lived in West Los Angeles in a middle class, well-populated neighborhood for about five years. Most people with dogs are very respectful and courteous. Never did I think this. . . Read more

  6. dog sticking head in pool

    Teach Your Dog to Swim

    Teach Your Dog to Swim I'm searching for sharks! So, you’ve got a pool and a dog. What happens when the two get together?  You can teach your dog to swim!  It can either be a disaster or a. . . Read more

  7. What to do about Dog Burns

    What to do about Dog Burns Ouch! A family member of a fellow trainer accidentally spilled boiling water on her dog, and after taking the dog to the vet, she asked our trainers group for information about dog burns and advice. . . Read more

  8. Xylitol is Poison to Dogs

    Xylitol is Poison to Dogs Keep artificial sweeteners in candy and gum away from me!   Dogs and Xylitol do not mix.  Xylitol is poison to dogs. This article was written by Christine Moe and is used with permission. Thank. . . Read more

  9. Bloat in Dogs

    Bloat in Dogs Summer brings about all kinds of concerns for dogs. The first thing to remember is not to leave dogs in unshaded yards or in cars, even with the windows open.  Another summer hazard is bloat in dogs. . . Read more

  10. Dogs and Children

    Dogs and Children Friendship! What can you as a parent do to help ensure that your children and your dog have a good relationship?  Dogs and children can coexist safely and happily.  Teach your child how to act around. . . Read more

  11. thanksgiving dog

    Thanksgiving Dog Safety Tips

    Thanksgiving Dog Safety Tips I ain't no turkey! Think ahead to the day after Thanksgiving. Where would you rather be – lounging on the couch with your dog sleeping on the floor next to you, hitting the after-Thanksgiving sales – or. . . Read more

  12. halloween puppy in hat with pumpkin

    Halloween Dog Safety Tips

    Halloween Dog Safety Tips I won't scare you if you keep me safe! Halloween is a lot of fun for people, especially children, but not that great for dogs. As humans, we know what’s going on – people playing like they. . . Read more

  13. Christmas Dog Safety Tips

     Christmas Dog Safety Tips Merry Christmas Dog! Try to imagine the holidays from your dog’s point of view. Your house is changing on a daily basis. Furniture is moved around. Nothing is where it used to be. There are strange trees. . . Read more

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