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dog sleeping on book - caryl wolff website dog books libraryDog Books Library began just as a book site and has expanded to even more dog books and dog products – over 3,000 at last count!  It is both an Amazon site and a Dogwise site — in other words, whatever you purchase here, you can purchase for the same price on Amazon or Dogwise — with a twist.  A portion of the profits from this site goes to the Morris Animal Foundation and the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation for research on diseases of dogs.

I have filtered out all the junk that normally comes up when you look for a category on Amazon — in other words, if you want to read about Labrador Retrievers, you don’t have to wade through the Labrador Retriever cookie cutters, Labrador Retriever jewelry, etc.  Dog Books Library lists only dog books and dog products with 4 or 5 stars, and there are no duplicate entries.

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dog on chair - caryl wolff website dog seminars directoryDog Seminars Directory lists dog-related seminars around the world on all different dog-related subjects.

I  started Dog Seminars Directory for two reasons – one, because the “dog” industry is spread out and scattered without a reliable, central resource for seminar and conference information.  And, two, because I kept missing seminars in my own back yard because I didn’t know about them beforehand!

You may easily access the seminar information in several ways:

  • Subject
  • Location
  • Speaker
  • Date

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blond dog - caryl wolff website dog trainers directoryDog owners/guardians generally search for trainers in their area, not by the name of a trainer’s business.   Each page in Dog Trainers Directory is a city listing the trainers in that city.

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dog looking out of cage - caryl wolff website los angeles rescue dog adoptionLos Angeles Rescue Dog Adoption was designed so you have an easily accessible list of dog rescue and adoption organizations in the Greater Los Angeles area.  There are hundreds of organizations which are listed both by breed and name. as well as a list of shelters in and around the LA area.  The site also includes laws pertaining to dogs for several cities in the Los Angeles area.

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puppy rear end - caryl wolff website puppy dog potty trainingMany of my clients call me to help them potty train their puppies.  I had always wanted to write a potty training book and decided to make this one funny, unconventional, and unlike any dog or puppy potty training book as well as informative.

Because potty training is not limited to the Los Angeles area, Puppy Dog Potty Training offers telephone consultations on potty training.  Included in the consultation is a free copy of my book.

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puppy with milk bottle - caryl wolff website puppy socialization guideThe Puppy Socialization Guide site is being developed.  Truth be told, I needed a site for the book.



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teacup dog in a cup - caryl wolff website teacup puppies and dogsThe Teacup books were written because in spring 2011, I had several clients with teacup puppies and dogs. In my 20+years of training, I had worked with small and toy dogs and thought that working with teacups would be similar to working with them. I discovered yes, there are similarities, but there also are significant differences.

Many people wanted to purchase a teacup, despite all the controversy.  I wanted people to know the truth about teacups, both the pros and cons of choosing one and how to choose a breeder so as not to get scammed.  There was so much truly bad information (one site said ,”You’re going to have a difficult time finding a shock collar small enough for a teacup.”) that I wanted to people who still wanted one to be prepared for the challenges they would face.

Each book has a different focus –

  • Choosing a Breeder and Choosing a Dog
  • Supplies, Pre-Puppy Prep and the First Week Home
  • Feeding, Care, Safety, Health and Grooming
  • Obedience Training, Games and Play
  • Potty Training and Behavior Issues

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