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Please bear with us during this transition. We are working hard to get it completed as soon as possible.

The website is functional – and so are we. We *are* training now.  

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Caryl Wolff is the first trainer to be certified by 5 dog trainer organizations.
She is an award-winning author of 10 books and has been training 25+ years.
Check her resume and experience here.

We are delighted to announce
we were chosen by CBS News
as one of the best dog obedience training schools in Los Angeles!

I attribute Caryl for giving me the confidence and tools to become a better dog owner and therefore making my Dalmatian Dot a happier dog.
Kim Cattrall

Caryl Wolff is a superb trainer, whose pets wonderfully bridge the gap between working dogs and household buddies…
We are happy to continue to recommend her to our clients.
Stephen J. Ettinger, DVM

We now are offering both in-home and virtual training. 

The first in-home lesson is approximately 1.5 hours and is $295. Subsequent 1-hour lessons are $195/hour or a package of three 1.5-hour lessons for $700 for clients within our service area which is Sunset to Venice Blvd. and Beverly Glen to the beach. There is a surcharge for lessons outside our service area.

The first virtual 1-hour lesson is $195. Succeeding 1-hour lessons are $175/lesson, or you may purchase a package of four 1-hour lessons for $600. You receive written instructions, a free copy of my book if applicable, and telephone or email support.

Click to discover why  virtual puppy dog training is an excellent choice for you.

Since our dogs have gotten used to our being home during the quarantine, they may suffer separation anxiety when we return to our regular routine. We’ve written a series of articles things you can do now to prevent puppy dog separation anxiety after quarantine. It’s much easier to prevent it than to cure it.

Contact Us los angeles puppy dog training doggie mannersOur goal is to help you
train your dog to do what you want
so he is easy to live with through
trust, guidance, and communication.

Los Angeles Puppy Dog Training

family with dog, los angeles puppy dog training doggie mannersImagine your dog relaxed, happy, and

  • Coming to you when you call him
  • Walking nicely on a leash
  • Interacting politely with people and dogs
  • Being potty trained
  • Barking appropriately

We can make that happen — and more! —
using humane, dog- and people-friendly methods.

We offer Private Lessons throughout the Los Angeles area
We work with you in training your dog,
and the lessons are scheduled at your convenience.

Get started now by calling or texting

(310) 804-2392.

Over 20 years’ experience
helping dogs and their people!

dog with family los angeles puppy dog training doggie mannersMany dog trainers go into dog training because they were obedience competitors – they started out training their dogs to compete for obedience titles where their dogs learned precise commands. Caryl started training her own dogs because she wanted them to be better behaved. (Then she worked on dog tricks because that was fun. Interestingly, her first job as a dog trainer was at the Los Angeles Music Center where one of her dogs was in an opera with Placido Domingo and even was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times! But we digress…)

family and dog los angeles puppy dog training doggie mannersCaryl’s training clients want what she wanted – their dogs to be better behaved. They frequently comment, “Your method of dog training makes sense to me, and it makes sense to my dog because he learns so fast” because they learn dog psychology, how dogs think — and so will you.  Her methods are designed for busy people — they take only a few minutes a day.

Many clients see dramatic improvements in their dog’s behavior at the first lesson — many times during the first 5 minutes–honest!

woman with dog los angeles puppy dog training doggie mannersIs your dog doing something you don’t like — or not doing what you want?  Caryl can help!

She works with you to train your dog – you tell her about your dog, and she shares her knowledge about dog training and dog behavior.

She gears your dog’s training to what *you* want your dog to learn.
couple with dog los angeles puppy dog training doggie manners

  • You want some advice on choosing a dog or puppy
  •   You’ve gotten a puppy and want to start his training off right.
  •   You’ve adopted an adult dog and want to train him so he has a better life.
  •    Your dog or puppy needs potty or house training.
  •     You want to train your dog to listen to you.
  •     You want your dog be more obedient.
  •     You and your dog have different ideas about what is acceptable dog behavior — he needs manners!
  •     He has dog behavior issues that need to be fixed.
  •     Your two dogs aren’t getting along.
  •     Your lifestyle will change, and you want your dog to be prepared because you are
    • Having a baby
    • Moving with your dog
    • Renting with your dog
    • Getting another dog
    • Traveling with your dog
  •   You just want to have fun with your dog!

family and dog los angeles puppy dog training doggie mannersPlease read the Dog Training Testimonials and Los Angeles Puppy Dog Training Services and look at our Blog and FAQs for lots of useful information and to learn more about Caryl’s training philosophy and methods.
She can help you because she has been a certified professional Dog Trainer and Dog Behavior Consultant for 20+ years.

man with dog los angeles puppy dog training doggie mannersThen reach for your phone and call or text (310) 804-2392.
Email us at 

Our goal in our Los Angeles dog training private lessons is to make your life easier by making your dog or puppy calm and well behaved and the best family dog you could ever hope for!

Dog training is more than telling your dog to stop his behavior.
It’s more than your dog following commands.

Dog training is communication — showing your dog how you want him to act in a way he understands.

Dog training is trust — teaching your dog he can feel safe and know that you will take care of him.

Training your dog is freedom — taking your dog with you feeling confident he will behave.

Training is bonding — working together so you and your dog enjoy each other’s company.

And you’ll become his leader in no time without force or screaming!.

Please call or text (310) 804-2392 right now
so Caryl can help you help your dog!

my 3 dogs los angeles puppy dog training doggie mannersPhoto by Caryl Wolff

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